Kidz Smile is a dental practice envisioned and committed to serve the special needs of children. Our obligation is to provide excellent dental care, delivered by highly skilled professionals in an environment that is both soothing and fun for the child. We are not just any kids’ dental clinic. We are transforming the way people view dentistry for kids! Just walk into our amazing lounge and you will see why we are different from any dental office you have ever visited. From the moment you come in, you see kid-fun technology, playing area, activities like drawing and games, gifts and a relaxed reception area for parents. It’s a place that brings smiles to everyone. The reason many adults are frightened from trips to the dentist is because they have had a terrible dental experience as children. We are here to change all that.​


Kidz smile Provide toddlers special Fluoride sessions to help prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay. In children under 6 years of age, fluoride becomes incorporated into the development of permanent teeth, making it difficult for acids to demineralize the teeth.

The field of cosmetic dentistry has expanded dramatically, with more and more people interested in its benefits. With increasing awareness, more people are interested in having a bright, beautiful and healthy smile as it enhances appearance and boosts confidence for your child. With the help of advancements in cosmetic dentistry, At Kidz smile we can help you improve the strength and appearance of your child teeth with quick, affordable and painless treatment options.

Some orthodontic conditions are simply easier to correct if they’re corrected early. And knowing that your child might need corrective dental work, or not need corrective dental work simply offers peace of mind. Interceptive orthodontic treatment is all about preventing more severe problems later on. It provides the opportunity for an orthodontist to have control over where the permanent teeth come in by addressing the structure of the jaw and teeth while the primary teeth are still in the mouth

When a tooth has been damaged either by infection (from tooth decay) or trauma (from a knock or bump), the dental professional will provide advice as to the best treatment for the tooth. If the damage to the tooth is too great, the best option may be to extract the tooth.

If you are wondering how to stop thumb-sucking or finger-sucking, then look no further. Our new InstaLock™ system not only locks the device on your child’s hand, but keeps the settings intact, so all you have to do is thread a new bracelet each day. Our thumb guards are designed to break the thumb sucking habit, and our finger guards help to stop the finger sucking habit. Thumbsucking will be a thing of the past with Kidz Smile.

Saving a baby tooth may be just as important as saving a fully developed adult tooth. The untimely loss of baby teeth can interfere with chewing, speehdevelopment,and, most importantly, the alignment of newly developing permanent teeth. Here’s why: Each baby tooth holds the space open for the permanent tooth that will emerge behind it, and all teeth do not fall out at the same time. If there’s a gap that forms prematurely, the remaining teeth will shift position to fill it. And that can affect the ultimate alignment of permanent teeth.

If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, you may need a space maintainer to "save" the space. What does that mean? Baby teeth are there for a reason. One key reason is that they save space for the permanent tooth, which will erupt into its position when the baby tooth is lost normally.

Most kids tend to have accidents that cause some sort of injury while growing up. The injuries usually range from a scraped knee to a broken bone. Most of us don’t make it into adulthood without a scar, or chipped tooth. When a child falls and loses a tooth, what can be done?

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Perfect for Kids: WaterLase is Safe, Fast and Needle-Free

Happily, dental care and technology has made great strides. Whether looking for pediatric dental care, cosmetic dentistry, or simply cleaning teeth, your or your children's visit to Kidz Smile is more likely to be painless, especially when compared to the experiences of the last several decades.

Impact of traumatic injuries to the permanent teeth on the oral health-related quality of life in 12-14-year-old children.

Children with untreated dental fracture of permanent teeth had more impacts on their daily living than children without any traumatic injury.


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The team approach to dentistry promotes continuity of care that is comprehensive, convenient, cost effective and efficient. Members of the team include dental assistants, lab technicians and dental hygienists.

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The art with kids communication

Kidz Smile dentists have professional skills in communication with kids, especially in psychological preparation before treatment to eliminate the fear of the child


Our professional dentists in Kidz Smile Dental Clinic have vast experience in providing patients the best solutions with supreme quality in pediatric dentistry services

Interior design

Beautiful and attractive interior design of kidz smile clinics is inspired by the ideas from children of what they mostly like to play and recreation

Advanced Technology

We use the most advanced and the latest technologies specializes in oral health such as biolase and waterlase

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